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A Journey to a Dream City [Malaysia] Part 3

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park [KL Bird Park] is a public aviary that extends to 60 hectares of land near the city and combines information with entertainment It is the world’s largest free-flight walk-in bird park ...

Ashok S P Jul-05- 2017 178
A Journey to the Dream City [Malaysia] Part 2

Another attraction of the city is the city square called Dataran Merdeka Square [Independence Square in Merdeka] where the British Flag was lowered after Malaysia got independence It has one of the world’s tallest poles Opposite to this, Abdul Samad Palace is situated which was the center of British rule and was built in the year 1897 ...

Ashok S P Mar-18- 2017 249
A Journey to a Dream City [Malaysia] Part 1

This is regarding a journey to a dream city with my friend for his work related purpose It is a dream city in Asia, a heavenly place of new generation lifestyle, holding its head high in a luxurious way… Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, a Southeast Asian Country The Twin Towers which is the tallest of its kind in the world is the pride of this city ...

Ashok S P Mar-20- 2017 340
Swarnathu Mana

Swarnathu Mana is the best example of Kerala traditional architecture Swarnathu Mana is situated in Pazhamthottam Village and can be reached by travelling 16 km from Eranakulam, via Pallikkara This mana is a beautiful creation of 600-years-old traditional architecture in 16 acres of land The atmosphere here is one that creates a homely feeling Nature has arranged an air-cooling facility here with big trees, the width of the trunk of which cannot be contained in the hands of two people, and climbers Crossing the porch,...

Ashok S P Feb-10- 2017 1780
The Day After Festival [Kalpathi Chariot Festival]

The largest district in Kerala; the granary of Kerala; the birthplace of several artists like Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar and Palakkad Mani Aiyer; the land described in Malayalam Literature and many films as blessed with natural beauty; a famous festival of this special place when gods descend onto the earth; Kalpathi Chariot Festival or Ratholsavam or Temple Car Festival ...

Ashok S P Jan-17- 2017 440
Sathyamangalam, Pollachi, Valparai [A Driving Trip]

National strike was held on October 2nd, 2016 Around 10 o’ clock, I felt bored and rang up a friend of mine to see if we can go on a trip He said he is ready and so, we started the tour Since the strikes are not that severe in Tamil Nadu, we decided our destination to be Tamil Nadu To tell the truth, we were a bit worried but to our relief, the journey via Thrissur and Palakkad till the border was uneventful ...

Ashok S P Jan-06- 2017 406
Kazhugumalai - Vettuvan Kovil

A visual treat created by nature and sculptors together… that is Kazhugumalai or Kalugumalai Kazhugumalai can be reached by travelling around 66 km via Sankarankovil from Tirunelveli [the route goes as Kottayam, Punalur, Thenmala, Thenkashi, Tirunelveli, Sankarankovil, Kazhugumalai] Kazhugumalai is a place full of huge rocks and boulders The most important scenery in Kalugumalai is Vettuvan Koil that is believed to have been built between the 8th and 9th centuries ...

Ashok S P Dec-23- 2016 632
The Wayanad that I saw….Part III

I travelled 6 km from Chedattinkavu and reached the very ancient Veliyambam Siva Temple It is said that the deity in this temple was installed by Parasuraman The temple has been carved out of a type of thin granite There is a Koovalam Tree [Aegle marmelos] standing near the temple, the age of which is not known ...

Ashok S P Dec-12- 2016 243
The Wayanad that I saw….Part II

From Valliyoorkkavu Temple, I went on to visit the centuries-old Jain Temple in Bathery It is also called Tirthankar Temple, a temple constructed with granite slabs There is a cave inside this temple It is said that this cave extends till Mysore During the military assault of Tipu Sultan, the followers of Jainism were driven out and the cave was turned into Tipu’s armory ...

Ashok S P Nov-25- 2016 259
The Wayanad that I saw….Part I

There is nobody who has not heard about Thamarassery Ghat Pass [churam] It has become a symbol representing Wayanad An aboriginal man by name Karinthandan showed this route to a British engineer Once the engineer found out the way, he killed the aboriginal man The tree to which the spirit of Karinthandan is believed to be chained is in Lakkidi At first, this route was used by British people for horse riding Later on, it was developed into a proper road ...

Ashok S P Nov-16- 2016 223

Hyderabad is the sixth largest metro city and an important information technology center in India It is a city known for its historic, cultural and artistic traditions It is the capital of Telangana and de jure capital of Andhra Pradesh It is also known as the city of Nizams ...

Ashok S P Nov-06- 2016 230
Bhoothathankettu, Pooyamkutty, Idamalayar

This is regarding a small tour, the purpose of which is to enjoy the beauty of nature; a trip through the forest villages of Bhoothathankettu, Idamalayar, Blavana, Pooyamkutty, Kandanpara, etc of Kothamangalam in Ernakulam District; a journey through the laps of nature Bhoothathankettu Dam is the dam that adds beauty to the forests of Pindimana Village ...

Ashok S P Oct-27- 2016 475

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