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To the Country of Ravana….[Sri Lanka]

My journey is to the Kerala outside India; yes, to Sri Lanka, the photostat of Kerala, the land of Ravana I travelled from Colombo to Sri Lanka’s important hill station, Kandy It is 115 km from Colombo to Kandy Pinnawala can be reached by traveling 70 km from Colombo and then 15 km on Rambukkana route from Kegalle Town ...

Ashok S P Oct-17- 2016 232
Sigiriya Rock [Sri Lanka]

The ancient city of Sigiriya has been one of the world cultural heritage sites since 1982 It is 90 km from Kandy to Sigiriya through Jaffna Highway There is a rock in this place, which is more than 250 m high It is said that in A D 477 – 495, King Kasyapa built a royal residence on top of this rock and ruled from there Whatever the story is, the ruins of the palace on the rock and the resplendent garden make the scenery a ravishing one ...

Ashok S P Oct-08- 2016 227
Kandy [Sri Lanka]

I strolled around Kandy City, a hill station of Sri Lanka; then went to the cultural center near Kandy Lake to watch the traditional art performances It starts at 5 00 in the evening and the entrance fee is 1000 Sri Lankan Rupees It is a one-and-a-half-hour program I took a ticket and went inside The program is conducted in a large hall with balcony ...

Ashok S P Sep-25- 2016 302
Golden Temple, Madhu River [Sri Lanka]

The famous Golden Temple is situated in Dambulla which lies around the central part of Sri Lanka The Golden Temple stands on the Colombo-Kandy route The entrance to the temple itself is beautiful The temple is a 50-feet-high golden structure that resembles a bell ...

Ashok S P Sep-15- 2016 318
Jananathamangalam [Sri Lanka]

Jananathamangalam [Polonnaruwa] has gained its place in UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites It is one of the oldest and great places in Sri Lanka It was built by the Chola King, Vijayabahu Later, King Parakramabahu built a giant reservoir, Samudra, across 2500 acres and built the beautiful city around it, a city with a grand palace, several building complexes, parks, places of worship, etc From Kandy, via Minneriya National Park, it is 140 km to Jananathamangalam ...

Ashok S P Sep-02- 2016 360
In the Land of Gomateshwara

I planned a trip to Shravanabelagola, a popular Jain pilgrimage center It is a small town in Hassan District of Karnataka Asia’s largest statue of Bahubali stands here From Kochi, it is 430 km to Shravanabelagola, the route being Thrissur – Pattambi – Nilambur – Gudalur – Bandipur – Mysore – Krishnarajpet – Shravanabelagola It holds an important place among Jain pilgrimage destinations Shravanabelagola is a historical temple town in South Karnataka ...

Ashok S P Sep-02- 2016 269

Mahabalipuram is the land of art works created on stones Mahabalipuram, also known as Mamallapuram, is a typical example of Pallava art Mahabalipuram is a coastal town in Kancheepuram District of Tamil Nadu It is a place full of gods in the streets This place is known after the name of a king of Pallava Dynasty, Mamalla ...

Ashok S P Sep-01- 2016 306
Nuwara Eliya [Sri Lanka]

Bentota is a coastal town in Sri Lanka This town is an important tourist attraction with beautiful beaches and world-class hotels Kosgoda is another coastal town which is located around 11 km from Bentota I went to Kosgoda to have a look at the Turtle Conservation Project ...

Ashok S P Aug-31- 2016 242
Hampi – Part 2

Padmanabhaswamy Temple of Thiruvananthapuram is built in the same model as that of Achyutaraya Temple of Hampi These 2 are built in 2 different decades The architectural works of Achyutaraya Temple are mesmerizing Lively statues and carvings done on each stone are capable of capturing the complete attention of the viewer ...

Ashok S P Aug-30- 2016 296

Next is the tour to Thovalai, the market of flowers Thovalai is a beautiful village surrounded by hills and located in the Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu Thovalai stands first in Asia in the field of generation of electricity from wind ...

Ashok S P Aug-30- 2016 1400
Hampi – Part 1

For me, Hampi is a dream place to visit Hampi is a village that spreads across around 26 km, located in the banks of River Tungabhadra in Bellari District of Karnataka It is a place of historic importance and its importance lies in the fact that it was a prime center of Vijayanagara Empire which has a long story of heroic resistance against the northern sultanates Hampi, which has been selected as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, is also known as the City of Ruins ...

Ashok S P Aug-29- 2016 467

Aihole has been described as a cradle of temple architecture This trip is in search of the origin of the art of temple architecture and their beauty I came to know about Aihole while visiting Hampi ...

Ashok S P Aug-29- 2016 245

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